This running a business is a funny ole’ thing. You start off with the best and biggest of intentions, you know or think business success you know

  • Who you want to work with
  • What you want to offer
  • What you want to charge

It works really well for a few months, even a few years. Clients are finding you, money is coming in and life is pretty yummy.

You upgrade your website, you get a high-level mentor – cos a regular mentor wont do 🙂 and you add newer, bigger, grander, more! This is what you’re supposed to do! This is what progress and success looks like.


And theno clientsn a most mysterious thing happens…

  • The phone stops ringing
  • The clients stop coming
  • The money stops flowing

And you ask yourself what the hell happened? And what do you do now?

Do you

  • Lower your prices?
  • Have a sale?
  • Change your niche?
  • Give up & get a J-O-B?

Deep breaths lovely one…it’s all good in da hood!

This is one of those times when you go back to basics.

Step 1- Stop and Celebrate

Le what? Yes I know it’s counter intuitive but you’ve changed so much it is important to celebrate those changes! celebrate

I don’t mean go on an over the top shopping trip , mainly because shopping can never be over the top. But treat yourself to something. A new nail varnish – even you boys ;-), buy the posh flowers this week instead of the ones you usually get or call a friend and go try that new restaurant.

In taking the time to celebrate and acknowledge how far you’ve come and all of the fabulous milestones that have been part of your journey, it makes a space for you to breathe and regroup and decide what is next for you.

So gorgeous one…go celebrate and let me know below what you get up to!!! And of course if your celebrating is completely outrageous then please post  a pic on the Facebook page!

Julia xo

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