Gorgeous one, I’ve been noticing more and more this whole thing about selling on social media.

You can watch the 3 minute video or read the transcript below.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f5iUUybWYE&feature=youtu.be”]



facebook-friends-ftrLet’s re-establish the facts to make money in business you have to sell something and as part of my community I expect that you sell services or skills. Ok. Good

But on social media there are different rules…sell but don’t really sell.

The “new rules”: write & share a long, seemingly unrelated, “heart felt” post about a puppy you rescued, and then sneak in “just by the way you can buy from me here” (you can tell I’m talking about facebook)

It’s uncool, underhanded and a total waste of your time.

Why? Because when someone wants to buy from you, they want to buy from you. They want to know the result you offer, and how to buy it. Period

And clients that buy high-end don’t have time to read pretend posts. Clarity and Brevity is the name of the game.

Of course interact in groups and offer real value. Connect and ask questions, share good content. And when you’re ready to sell, get clear on your offer and SELL.

So if you are ready to skip the pretence and create a high-end offer that clients want to buy then now is the time to apply for a Package You private VIP day. 

“somebody wants what you have to give, you need to know the right way to give it.

Speak soon


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