1 – Gumption

Adding Premium Packages will inevitably mean you leave some of your old type of clients behind and you need to be OK with that. If you’re anything like most of my clients who are coaches, consultants, therapists and what I call “professional helpers” it will feel strange to walk away. Know that you are not abandoning anyone.


2- A seamless sign up/welcome processvip day celebration

Premium is more about the experience you provide your clients than the price charge (see here for post about the difference between “Premium and High-ticket) so you want to be sure that from the time that client says yes to working with you to the time you deliver the service goes seamlessly – or as seamlessly as possible.

Check your welcome documents, make sure you have in writing what you and your client expects from your working relationship


3 – Watertight contracts/policies

Oh yes. It’s one thing to deal with refund requests for £497 it’s a whole other to refund £5,000- £15,000 (or more depending on your business and industry)

Also, chances are you’ll be dealing with payment plans for bigger amounts and/or longer periods. How are you going to ask for money when it’s owed, without ruining the working relationship?

So before you add premium packages to your business double and triple check your contracts, agreements and refund policy. Even if no-one has ever asked for a refund in the 9 million years you’ve run your business, you want to be prepared Just In Case


If you’re worrying about asking for money, refunding clients, or wondering just what to say if things dont quite go to plan, check out my Business Kits here.

With 4 Done for you Kits to choose from topics include:

  • Money Matters Kit:9 Done-for-You Letters/Emails to Help You Confidently Collect Outstanding Money from Your Clients
  • Dealing with Difficult Clients Kit: 10 Done-for-You Letters/Emails to Help You Manage Awkward Client Situations with Ease

With done-for you- checklists, templates and emails all you have to do is copy, paste and send.

Even better they’re only £18 (Approx USD $24) each. Result!

Get your business Kit here

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