It’s a funny time of year isn’t it? Entrepreneurial folks like us are either slowing down for the Christmas break or revving up and getting ready for 2014.santa is coming

Regardless of what camp you’re in, I’m sure one thing on your mind is how you charge for your services and if you should raise your rates going forward.

When I mentor my clients, after supporting them to know what to include in their packages the next thing is price.

Here’s the thing, getting paid comes down to one single thing:

The value of what you offer and the results your clients achieve MUST energetically match your price point. Clients who say yes to working with you will internally be on an energetic match.

I know this sounds like namby-pamby, woo-woo stuff but I promise you there is good science behind it, bear with me and I’ll explain.

When you work with clients you use energy and you produce energy. If you work with them in person or via an info-product or an online course it will require less or more personal energy on your part.

When clients say yes to working with you and they achieve fabulous results, that experience generates energy.

So your price needs to match that energy level. 

money is energy edRemember money/currency is a form of energy. It is part of the exchange with your clients…unless you get paid in shoes or chocolate and that is a whole other conversation altogether.

So if you are saying to your prospective clients that after working with you they’ll:

  • loose 30lbs that they’ve been struggling to loose for 5 years OR
  • get rid of their debilitating acne and feel confident  OR
  • not have the hassle of planning their own wedding OR
  • create profitable packages, generate consistent income and end their money struggle


you get my meaning…


Those great results don’t match with a teeny-weeny “affordable” price tag.

In other words your packages might not be selling because the price isn’t right. 

Bluntly put you might need to raise your rates.  Yes I said that.

Here are three quick questions to help you decide if raising your rates is the right step for you:

  1. Will selling just one of your highest priced packages/services every month, cover your essential monthly expenses? 
    1. A good guideline, especially if you are new to offering High-end packages is one sale of your highest price package covers your essential expenditure.
  2. Do you feel like you have to accept less than ideal clients every month?
    1. Saying yes to everybody because you need the money will lead to burnout, overwhelm and resentment. You went into business for yourself because you wanted choice and freedom.
  3. When you quote your fees to a perfect client do they give you the “Oh is that all?” look?
    1. Prospective clients come to you because you are an expert. Unless your business is specifically positioned on the “budget” end of the market then good clients are prepared to pay for your expertise.

That’s it gorgeous one. As always questions or comment below or on the Package your Passion Facebook page.

Love & Blessings


P.S I’m offering complementary 45 min “Packaged for Profit Review” sessions. You and me on the phone or via Skype, so I can quickly help you answer the 3 Big Money questions when it comes to packaging your services. You can find out more  here

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