You know that to make 5K,10K, 20K consistently online you need to grow a bigger list, bigger following and set up a fully automated funnel.

Yet right now, your business is mainly you – so what happens to your sales, your current clients, your sanity, while you set up all the moving parts you need to market successfully so you can find clients online?

What if there was an easier way to get in front of clients with money, who were looking to buy your services?

Speaking Is The ONLY Form Of Marketing, That Practically Guarantees High-ticket Sales And Conversions, In Half The Time compared to Marketing Online


Before I tell you about the Speaking Success program, here’s what you need to know right up front

  • The investment is $5000 paid in full upfront.
  • This is not a presentation skills OR speaking confidence training.You need to be a confident speaker to benefit from this program.
  • “How to find Speaking Engagements & Get booked to Speak” is included in the course, if you don’t have a clue about finding the right gigs, I’ve got you covered.

Like most coaches and experts I know, on any given day, you can talk to anybody who will listen about what you do.

Relationships, Health, Social media, Money, Mindset…You KNOW your stuff,

What you DON’T Know is how to package your knowledge into a talk that sells.

There are all kinds of questions racing around your head like…

How much information should be included?

Which information should be included?

What order should I present the information?

How do I make an offer at the end of the talk without feeling salesy?

Speaking Success Is Your Complete, Never Worry What To Say Again Program That Covers The Three Core Areas Of A (Financially) Successful Speaking Strategy.

You will be able to…

  • Get booked to Speak
  • Create your own Speaking opportunities if there are not suitable events local to you
  • Create and Deliver a Talk that establishes your expertise and credibility
  • Close High-ticket Sales through your talks

It includes every single form and template you need to close sales during and AFTER your talk.

For Example

  1. Discovery Session & Premium Program Order Form template
  2. Email Templates for Pitching Talks to potential venues & groups that make it easy to line up speaking gigs
  3. Follow-up Email Templates – so you know exactly how to reach out when you haven’t heard back from a potential venue
  4. Closing Sequence templates (scripts & slides) with the exact words to say to make your offer at the end of the talk.
  5. Pre-Written Follow-up Email templates

And more!!!


Nimisha made £20,000 from ONE speaking gig.

Rosalie sold 3 VIP Days at the end of her talk!

Mary said making her offer felt like the most natural thing in the world.

With just 20 people in the room, Kemi booked 13 discovery calls from her 20 minute talk!

The Details

The Speaking Success Program is delivered 1:1 over 4 weeks


It includes

  • 30 Minute 1:1 Coaching Session to bring me up to speed on your premium package or high-ticket offer. We start here because your offer is the core of your Speak to Get Clients Talk. Everything you do should be reverse engineered to lead to your offer so that you can close more sales when you speak. 
  • 2 x 90 Minute Sessions
    • Session 1 – Decide your talk title, Create the outline your talk & Identify the best type of events to Speak at
    • Session 2  Close the Sale including what to do when organisers say you can’t sell AND how to close sales in follow up emails after your talk
  • 30 Minute wrap up Session


PLUS A Complete Done – For – You Speaking Kit that includes:

  • Word-for-word script to use when inquiring about getting booked to speak
  • Pre-Written Closing Sequence (scripts & slides) with the exact words to say to make an offer at the end of your talk.
  • Pre-written scripts for promoting your programme/private coaching.
  • Order form and follow up email templates



(+ VAT as applicable)

Who is this for?

This is NOT for you if

  • You are a nervous speaker and want speaker confidence training
  • You are completely new to business and have idea what you’re selling

This IS for you if you

  • Want to use speaking as high- revenue generating marketing opportunities
  • Are already speaking and want to sell more of your premium programs and high-end offers
  • Want to start speaking and get results quickly
  • Want to learn how to Sell high- end offers from the Stage

 0- 68 Clients and a Full Coaching practice from 3 Speaking Gigs…

When I started as a brand new coach and trainer I had a major problem.

Everyone was telling me I had to build an online sales funnel that started with a low offer then up sell to my high ticket service.

To me that sounded like a recipe to go broke fast.

Yes, I’d built a 6 -figure international wedding planning business but no one knew me as a coach.

How long would it take me to build my reputation online?

I knew that if I could just get people in a room with me and get in front of the right audience, I could sell my coaching.

My crazy plan worked. I went from 0-68 clients and a full coaching practice in 3 speaking gigs!

My clients have

Made $6000 in one Hour

Booked £20,0000 worth of sales

FROM ONE Speaking Gig.

And they do it  by connecting with their audience in a way that feels like them.

You ready for Speaking Success!

Legal Disclaimer:
Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Facts and figures on this website are believed to be accurate, but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.