The simplest type of Premium Package to add to your Coaching or Consultancy business is a VIP Day sometimes called an Intensive or Immersion.

A VIP day is when you spend concentrated time with an individual or a small group of people and you’re focused on a specific topic or result.

For example

  • Kitchen Junk food blitz (to kick start a weight loss programme)
  • Colour and Style Day (ahead of a shopping day with a Sylist)
  • Website on the Spot (personalise a theme if you’re web designer)

6 Reasons to Offer VIP Days

  1. It’s one of the easiest premium packages to sell and one of the quickest ways to get a cash injection into your business.
  2. VIP days really give you a significant return on your investment through the increase in your credibility and expert status.
  3. You become known for very specific topics. It brings in new business and a lot new opportunities for you when you’re known as an expert in certain things.
  4. They need very little marketing. It’s as simple as sending an email to your list and inviting people into a discovery session
  5. You can offer them to new clients as an easy first step to working with you before signing up to a longer programme
  6. They’re easy to deliver virtually so you can offer it to clients who do not live near you but are looking for an opportunity to work with you.

One thing to be mindful of is overstuffing your VIP day.

Aim for two – three main pieces of content and leave plenty of room for your clients questions throughout the day.

If you’re curious about how VIP days can work for your business you’re invited to join my facebook group Highly Paid Coaches

I’ll be going into much more detail and you’ll get your questions answered there.

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