“….Why do you say Premium Packages when most coaches talk about High-ticket sales?”

I get asked this question in one form or another so I thought I’d share my answer with you.(just in case you were thinking that very thing)

Premium is about VALUE and deliverables and results.

Is focuses on how your clients experience your service.

The emphasis is on serving your clients in best way to ensure they get the BIGGEST and BEST outcome.

High-ticket sales focuses on the price point, the investment. It comes from a place of “how much can I get away with charging” (harsh but true).

You see you can charge 15K and be High-ticket OR you can charge 15K and be Premium.

So ask yourself what kind of service do you want to be known for?

 Premium or High-ticket ? The difference could be cositng you leads, clients and Sales.

Speak soon,


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