If you’re trying to get your head around charging 10-15K for your services then this is for you.

So far we’ve looked at:

Who Your Premium Package/Service Is For, what your Ideal Client wants right now – not in 6 months time and how to

Decide Where To Market Your Services – Offline AND Online.The Outcome Of Your Package, The Benefits of your Package and how to make the Service As Simple As Possible To Deliver.

Today we’re bringing it home in PART 3 and looking at three often overlooked, yet VERY CRUCIAL pieces


Step 7: Give Your Package A Name That Gives Sense What did you call Me_


Catchy doesn’t sell. Clear does.

Give your package a name that makes sense.

Your Ideal Client needs to look at it and INSTANTLY know that what’s they’re looking for.

Here’s a simple two- step formula for naming your packages

Title: Subtitle

The Title talks about the overall premise

The Subtitle explains the steps or process involved

Example:  12 weeks to a Bikini Body: lose weight, tone up without ever feeling hungry….

Example: Facebook Ads that Convert: 6 steps to ……

(THESE ARE TOTALLY MADE UP. So nobody sue me. Please)

Catchy doesn’t sell. Clear does.


Step 8: Build In A “Pre-Screen”


Your premium package is ONLY for your IC.

So you want to make sure that you only spend time on calls with your Ideal Client.

Make sure you include an application questionnaire that asks everything you need to know before you get on the phone with someone.

For example one of the questions on my application form is “Do you make decisions quickly or like to think about things for a while?”.

Why? because the clients that get the best results from my programmes are action takers -not overthinkers.

Write down what you need to know beforehand and include it in your form.


Step 9: Make It Easy For Your Clients To Pay


card logos

I know this sounds obvious and I’m saying it anyways!

Make sure you’re crystal clear on HOW you want to be paid even before you get on the phone with someone.

Pay in full or payment plans? Bank transfer or via credit/debit card?

That way when your client is ready to sign up, you know EXACTLY how you’re going to receive that money.

Get your shiz together!


So that’s it 9 Steps to Premium Package that sells like crazy.

Once you implement the steps click here to join my facebook group The Premium Club and tell me how you get on!

Speak soon,


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