If you’re trying to get your head around charging 10-15K for your services then this is for you.


Yesterday we looked at Who Your Premium Package/Service Is For, what your Ideal Client wants right now – not in 6 months time and how to

Decide Where To Market Your Services – Offline AND Online.


Today were looking at the next 3 steps in the process.


Step 4: Clearly Explain The Outcome Of Your Packagemarketing right

Let your IC know EXACTLY what they’ll be able to be, do, accomplish as a result of working with you.

Now lovely, brevity is the name of the game here.

Short sharp CLEAR results.

So instead of

“I’ll help you take your business to the next level…”


“At the end of this programme you’ll have the tools to boost your high-ticket sales by 30-50% in the next 90 Days”

See the difference?

Your buyers will too!


Step 5: Forget The Process


Talking about your result does not mean overloading your client with the nitty gritty details of every second of your programe or service.

  • They don’t care
  • They don’t care.

Instead talk to them about the benefits!

Example “the VIP day comes with 2 follow up calls so you have help to implement what we worked on during the day”.


Step 6: Make The Service As Simple As Possible To Deliver



Think 1:1 or small VIP group or workshop.

VIP days, 30 day and 90 Day programmes also work really well and a easy to create and deliver quickly!

The key is to keep it SIMPLE!

That’s it for today. Tomorrow in Steps 7- 9  we’ll be looking at how what you name your package can effect sales, finding clients and how to accept payments.

Speak soon,


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