On Sunday I was featured in the Trinidad Express Newspaper Woman Magazine. In case you are new to me and my work I will share with you that one of my deepest desires is to spend the winter months living and working from a villa in Tobago so publicity in that part of the express womanworld is a Big Deal!

Yet I didn’t make a fuss about it. No facebook posts, No tweets, No linked in updates. Nada.

To be brutally honest I thought “Julia it’s a Big Deal for you but let’s face it…it’s not Huff Po or a TED Talk”

My mum, my sisters, and my Caribbean clients saw it and sent me messages of congratulations and my husband and I did a little dance to celebrate!

This is actually the 4th time I’ve been featured in a Caribbean Publication :-)….tres tres cool!

Isn’t it strange how we dream about how we want to work, who we want to serve and then still “feel small” about it? How we compare our gifts to others and say “nobody will pay me to do that” … actually they will!

Anyways back to the story. On Monday I received an email that made me cry…for an hour! It was from my 1st year Primary school teacher congratulating me on my success.


Email picture

 “Hi Julia,
It’s hardly likely that you may remember your First Year teacher, Mrs. Peterson, at St. Joseph Girls’ R.C. School in St. Joseph, Trinidad. Anyway, I read about you and your wonderful success in our Woman’s Express yesterday and thought that I must extend sincerest congratulations on your magnificent achievements. Ad multos annos. You go, Girl.
God bless.
Eva David-Swain,
 formerly Eva David-Peterson”

Me at 5 years old!

Me at 5 years old!

Now this email is not even 5 lines long. The reason it made me cry is because it reminded me I was a cheeky 5 year old 🙂 and more importantly summed up exactly what Package your Passion is all about.

It is about bringing who you are into your packages. It is about being true to your personality and how you choose to work. It is about knowing who you are here to serve.

Creating Profitable packages is 100% Intuition + 100% Structure = 100% You.

What that means is:

If hourly laser coaching works for you then do that

If you want to offer full service spa days instead of individual mani, pedis then go ahead

And if you want to offer unplugged vegan retreat days, then… well you get the message!

Package {ing) your Passion is about creating profitable packages without compromising your-{self}.

So every time you get tempted to compromise on who you are and what you really want to offer then remember and celebrate your inner unforgettable 5 year old.

Look forward to reading your comments on the Facebook page!

Love & Blessings


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