One to One Mentorship

You know in your bones you’re destined for greatness with a PROFITABLE business that honours God. And even the most extraordinarily talented business owners can benefit from customized direction and specialized guidance.

You’ve done all the “big” courses.
You have certifications and experience coming out of your ears.
Life is good.

Business is growing.

AND…there is still more to achieve.

Lucrative speaking opportunities. More high-ticket sales. Launch your course. Host your first luxe retreat.

You KNOW what you want to achieve.

Coaching with me is where you get support and specific guidance to get it.

With Moneymaker you get Accountability, Mindset, , Strategic thinking & a loving kick in the pants when you need it.

Best-Selling Self- Study Programs

If 6 -Figures is your 2020 business goal then check out the 6- Figure Business Bundle!

It includes everything you need to create, market and sell high-ticket Premium Coaching Programs and make $100,000 in 1- 2 years.

These 5 easy-to-follow courses, will show you proven strategies to build your 6-Figure coaching business.

These are the EXACT techniques my private clients use to build solid businesses faster than you might think is possible. It covers everything from How to Build an an engaged list (who purchase everything you offer) to How to use Speaking to Grow your Business.

As a new coach or you’ve been coaching for years you know that “cashflow is king”. 

Yet there is nothing worse than having people that you just know you help, but just cant close, clients who wont pay on time or those “what the heck do I say” situations.  

The Ultimate Cash Injection Toolkit has an email, swipe file or template for just about every situation.


VIP Days are the quickest, simplest and most direct path possible to getting high-paying clients and creating cash flow in your business right now.  Best of all, you DON’T have to wait ’til you have the perfect niche, a beautiful website, or big list to make it happen. 
If you are are ready for that one simple key that will up-level you and your revenue immediately (and without any of those soul-sucking, complicated Internet launches) this is for you.


Legal Disclaimer:
Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Facts and figures on this website are believed to be accurate, but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.