If I had to start my coaching business all over again, I’d offer VIP Days quicker.

Yup. Not group programs, not a membership site, not an e-course. VIP days were my biggest shortcut to 6 -figures.

I went from selling packages of 3 sessions for £250 to VIP days for £1500.

The truth is some months I only sold 3 sets of sessions and made £750.

So, selling ONE VIP day for £1500 instantly DOUBLED my income and I was only working with ONE client.

Up until then I’d though that Work less and Earn more was just marketing nonsense

VIP days helped me to see that that was truly possible.

Here’s why VIP days work:

  • They are easy to sell (one conversation with ONE person = ONE sale of a VIP day)
  • You can charge significantly more for 1:1 attention. (I started at £1500/day then grew to £5000/day)
  • Clients LOVE the “instant-ness” of it. (they come in with a problem and walk out with a solution)
  • They boost your income and your PROFIT (and profit is the number that matters)



VIP Days cut my working hours by more than half and got me to the 10k month mark super – fast (4 days work @ £1500 – £5000 /day = £6000 – £20,000/month)

I could go on and on.

Whether you’re a new coach or been coaching forever, if you don’t offer VIP days you’ll want to.

It’s the most powerful tool in your money – making arsenal and has the power to transform your business and your bottom line.

But how do you sell them or sell MORE of them?

Step 1: Have a clear compelling VIP Day that solves ONE MAIN problem

Resist the urge to give your clients everything because you think in your mind you have to justify the price tag. Clients will happily work with you at a higher price point when they know you can solve the ONE problem that’s keeping them awake at night.

Step 2: Talk to one person in your marketing message

Don’t get caught up in marketing to everybody, so posting your stuff in multiple Facebook groups on the same day is not a good game plan. Think about it, a VIP day is a 1:1 coaching experience, so your marketing message is the 1st part of the sales process and the 1:1 conversation is the 2nd part. Both pieces need to flow together.

Step 3: Don’t get hung up on what you should be charging

You know when I say VIP/premium or high-end I mean £10000 or more per client, and that is absolutely what I know you can do, but honestly don’t beat yourself up if you can barely write £10,000 let alone say it out loud to a client.

Start with where you are now and get to the £10,000 or whatever your magic number is in increments. I sold my first VIP day for £1500 and charged more as my confidence grew.

I don’t care how much mindset work you’ve done it is nigh on impossible to go from 0, to £10,000 in an instant, on your own…seriously it’s like going too fast in a Ferrari if you’ve only had one driving lesson…you’ll crash at the first bump in the road.

Staged implementation and the right support is the word.

Step 4: Try not to get stuck on what your VIP Day needs to look like.

The day is about helping your clients achieve results. It doesn’t always mean champagne and cake and over-the top- ness. Do what will work for your business and your personal circumstances.

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