do the workI started making a video about this and got myself so worked up that I decided to write about it instead. Such was the strength of my feeling!

These days I feel bombarded by the: I went up a mountain in India; I had this idea on my yoga mat; all I do is sit in tree and do more of my spiritual practice and the clients and money arrive magically. Really? So you don’t actually have to DO anything? Hmmm…

Call me a cynic, a kill-joy, boring whatever but I’m not buying it.

I will admit it made me feel a little “wrong” because I’m more of a practical-solve the problem-take action kind of girl.

In case you wanted to know I’m a practicing Christian so my spiritual practice is my morning prayer time, in my office with some nice essential oil or incense burning. Bliss. Might seem a bit ordinary and non-trendy but hey it has worked for me for a loooooooong time.

And when I’m finished talking with Jesus, I’ve got to get up ring the clients, check in with my VA, send the emails and do the work!

In life and business you have to take action to get results. Focused Action- Yes. Inspired Action- Absolutely! Yes you can get inspiration in your quiet moments, but in order to turn that idea into income you must act on it. No amount of thinking, hoping, wishing, affirming or praying to God/Universe/Source is going to cut it.

I’m not saying scratch, bite, punch and kick your way to the top…that is not cool.

What I am saying is please don’t be lulled into a false sense of action-less-ness by appearances of 6 and 7 figure business built from spirituality alone.

Behind the scenes stuff is happening. Lists and online communities are being built, business structures are being put in place, joint venture conversations are happening, shiny new on-brand websites are being commissioned, packages are being designed and coaches are being hired. do the work 2

When you have a great idea, act on it.

The action might be

  • Write it down and see how it fits into the big vision for your business

Is it something you want to implement immediately?

Is it something to share with a potential joint venture partner?

Is it something you need a coach or a mentor to support you with?

Just a start.

If you are like me and you prefer a get –it-done-enough- of- the- fluffy approach to your business then I’m here for you.

My clients prefer a no-nonsense approach. It’s who you are. You want to know how to better package what you do and make your business work. Simple.

Let’s talk. I have 30 minute spaces in my diary every week for women entrepreneurs who are ready to create packages that sell. Whether you have no idea how to package and offer what you do, your current stuff just isn’t selling, you’re feeling as if you constantly have to generate new packages, you want your current packages to feel more like a natural sales funnel or you’re tired of the low budget nonsense and want to raise your rates, get in touch. Email me:

Plain and simple there is nothing woo-woo-fluffy-pie-in-sky when it comes to getting money in your account!

Speak soon.


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