If you’re trying to get your head around charging 10-15K for your services then this is for you.

When I talk to clients about pricing the first question is usually “how can I justify that?”.

Focus on your RESULT and your OUTCOMES and CONTENT.

and try not to make the mistake of thinking  the more you charge, the more you have to include in the package.

In fact the opposite is true.

YOUR CLIENTS who invest at that level are looking to achieve/be/do/have ONE ultra specific result.

Less is definitely More.

Of course you want to include loads of value but that doesn’t mean loads of content!

So your job is to look at your best outcome and go deeper.


To help you get started here are 9 Steps To A Premium Package That Sells Like Crazy

(This is PART 1 of a three part series.)


STEPS 1- 3


Step 1 Work Out Who Your Premium Package/Service Is For.

This is deeper than your target market. This is about knowing your Ideal Client (IC).

Are they start-ups or are they established entrepreneurs? Do they want to lose 10lbs or do they want to switch completely to a raw-food lifestyle?

Get to know the person as if they’re you’re best friend.


ideal clientStep 2: Identify what your Ideal Client wants right now – not in 6 months time.

Now that you know who your Ideal Client is, it’s time to understand what their most pressing problem is.

Spoiler alert.

Clients are more likely to pay for a service that solves their immediate problem.

If they want to lose 10lbs in time for their daughter’s wedding they’re not going to pay for your 12 months of raw food coaching- no matter how good it is.


Step 3: Decide Where To Market Your Services – Offline AND Online


Online is good…Offline is even better when it comes to premium sales (more on that later)

It’s no point having a cracking offer if you’re marketing it in the wrong place to the wrong people.

So where is your Ideal Client hanging out? Facebook? LinkedIn? In person Networking groups? Mums and Toddlers play groups?


Make as long as list as you can think of and then shortlist it to your top 3.

That’s where you focus.


That’s it for today. Tomorrow in Steps 4-6 we’ll be looking at defining your outcome/results and how what you name your premium package will affect sales.

Speak soon,


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