9 Steps to a High-Ticket Premium Package

that Sells like Crazy

Learn the framework my clients use to create, market & sell their offers and make $5000- $10,000+ in 30 days - using hardly any tech.

Premium High-ticket offers are the quickest, simplest and most direct path possible to getting high-paying clients and creating cash flow in your business right now.  Best of all, you DON'T have to wait until you have a fancy website  or big list to make it happen.

With this Guide you will Be Able to

  • CHOOSE A (HOT) TOPIC FOR  YOUR High-ticket Offer A unique topic that sells!... even if you feel like you could offer so many things OR you haven’t got a clue —You'll be confident after this class!
  • SELL YOUR Offer Day IN RECORD TIME Word for word what to say/send/post to get the right people buying your High-ticket Offer
  • GET Consistent HIGH PAYING CUSTOMERS How to find your most valuable PAYERS in your list and social media

What my clients are Saying



Sold 3 VIP Days in 2 Weeks! 

I had been wanting to start running VIP days but wasn’t sure how to put them together and how to market them. 

VIP Day Mastery showed me how to put Intensives together that fit my business and way of working. I offered some “beta” spaces to start with and sold 3 of the 4 I offered in 2 weeks. They were easy sales as I felt confident talking about them and the benefit that people would get from them!” 

Rebecca Boulton:The Hormone Mentor 

"As a mama of two littles with a husband and full-time job, I am looking for the greatest yield with the least amount of time away from home life had been wanting to start running VIP days but wasn’t sure how to put them together and how to market them. 

Unlike so many other programs I've seen, this is practical and shows you EXACTLY what to do".

Diera Shaw-Mendez : Diconsha Designs + Events




VIP Days Doubled my Income Almost Overnight and fast-tracked me to my First 6- Figures. Years later they're still THE MOST profitable part of my business.

When I was still a relatively new coach, I went from selling packages of 3 sessions for £250 to VIP days for £1500. 

The truth is some months I only sold 3 sets of sessions and made £750.  

So selling ONE VIP day for £1500 instantly DOUBLED my income working with just ONE (awesome) client.

Up until then, I’d thought that "Work less and Earn more" was just marketing nonsense. VIP days helped me to see that that was truly possible.  

If I had to start my coaching business all over again, I’d offer VIP Days quicker. Not group programmes, not a membership site, not an e-course. 

VIP Days cut my working hours by more than half and got me to the 10K month mark super - fast (7 days work @ £1500 = £10,500/month ) As I write this my current VIP Day rate is £5000.  

They boost your income and your PROFIT (and profit is the number that matters)  

I could go on and on. Whether you’re a new coach or been coaching forever, if you don’t offer VIP days you’ll want to.  

It’s the most powerful tool in your money - making arsenal and has the power to transform your business and your bottom line.  


If you’ve ever considered offering VIP days to your clients (or even if you haven’t) now is the time! When you offer VIP days, your income will grow exponentially. You’ll be able to work with fewer clients, put in fewer hours per week, and take home more money than you are now—just by concentrating your efforts into tightly focused day-long events.