A money back guarantee isn’t enough when you’re selling a 25K- 100K package.

Clients at that level are “in it to win it” and they’re not risk-averse.

What you do need is a GUARANTEE on your results.

And in order to be able to provide a guarantee, you need to work with people who are what I call “one degree away” from what you are offering.

Take my Done for-You Launch service.

It’s a package where I set up everything my client needs to go from corporate professional to an independent consultant (and making money) in 60 days. The investment is £30,000 paid in full up front.

In order to guarantee results my clients are

  • Established corporate professionals who want to offer consultancy in the same or similar area of expertise as their current job.
  • Facing redundancy or some other time-sensitive factor.
  • They want to be paid at least 10K per client.
  • Very driven

With those four very specific criteria in place, their results are guaranteed.

And that’s what you need to do too.

Go deep.

Get specific.


Drive leads.

Close Sales.



Speak soon,


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