“…I really love refund requests…” said no coach ever!

That’s because they suck. Moreso when you’re dealing with a 25K or more package.

Because of international and distance selling law, sometimes you’ll have to give as much as 7- 14 days “cooling off period” after a sale.

So how do you manage that time, AND give your client the best onboarding experience?

Two words…Stick Strategies… and here are my five best options

(P.S even if you’re not selling at 25K (yet) you still want to have stick strategies in place.)

  1. A task designed to provide a tangible result straight away
  2. A mini-training they can get started on
  3. A 1:1 coaching session
  4. Send their welcome gift within 24-48 hours
  5. Add them to a private Facebook group for all of your 1:1 clients

Any of these stick strategies will help your client feel valued from day one and most importantly it shows that you are committed to their results.

Stick Strategies, annihilating refund requests until the end of time.

Speak soon,


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