Answer Your soul’s Calling for “More”

You’ve done all the “big” courses.

You have certifications and experience coming out of your ears.

You might even have recently finished a year- long Mastermind.


Life is good

Business is growing

AND…there is still more to achieve.

3 Months of 1:1 Accountability, Mindset, Strategic thinking and a loving kick in the pants whenever you need it 🙂

More time with your family? Lucrative speaking opportunites? More sales? Launch your course? Host your first high-ticket live event?

Whatever your goal, you KNOW what you want to achieve in the next 90 days.

This is where you get support and specific guidance to get it. 

With Faith & Hustle you will ….


to (at least) double your profits over the next 90 days without having to work harder or longer hours – so you can flood your business with newly found profits and dramatically grow to the next level… while creating a bigger lifestyle for yourself and your family


and streamline your business – so you can remove yourself from working IN your business and instead start working ON it… allowing you to work at a higher level while also enjoying more free time to do what you love.


you’ve got going on in your business right now – including all the possibilities and endless ideas buzzing around in your head – and show you exactly what to focus on next – so you can take 90% off your ‘to-do’ list and ONLY focus your time and resources on the most profitable opportunities in your business… and ruthlessly remove distractions that shouldn’t be there.


your business to make it more scalable and setting up a path of continued growth – so not only can you grow your profits in the short term, but you can also create a sellable asset for the future (if you want to).


on how to avoid all the big and expensive mistakes most people (old me included) tend to make when trying to grow their business – so you can drastically cut the painful learning curve and shave entire years off your journey to growing the business you want .

You’ll also have access to my entire library of resources covering topics like….

Premium High-ticket Sales Strategy

VIP Days

Selling from the “Stage”/Speaker Training

Luxury Live Events & Retreats

Email Marketing 

And more…

The Details

Powerful Personalized 1:1 Coaching

You Get 

3 Hour Private Intensive, via Zoom

Weekly 1:1 coaching calls for 3 months (12 calls in total)

Full access to my Library of resources/templates/ as you need it

Email access in-between coaching sessions so you’re fully supported throughout the program

Up to three 15 minute SOS calls to be used at any time during the program

Review + feedback on marketing materials, sales pages, programs etc as needed


Easy Cash Flow Option

3 Payments of $2500


Save Big & Pay in Full


(VAT will be added for UK/EU clients)

Who is this for?

You’re a coach, consultant, or somebody who runs a service based business and without beating around the bush too much – you’re bloody good at it. Some of your clients might have even told you you’re a genius.

Life is good

Business is growing

AND…there is still more to achieve.


You are the kind of person who

• Pushes the boundaries

• Faces a challenge head on

• Takes calculated risks

• Values relationship

• Has a generous heart

• Loves fiercely

You ALWAYS get what you set your mind to


Welcome. This is for you!


Why this? Why Me?

When I started my first business back in 2006/7 I did what everyone else did.

Charged a bit less than “the market rate” and ran loads of offers and deals to get clients in the door.

And the clients CAME!

And 7 months later I had to close my business (with more than $20,000 of debt) The thing is I was charging so little to get the clients that I STILL didnt make enough money to keep my business going.

I was at full capacity and had no more time so I couldnt make any more money…Not to mention the flaky clients that would only book one session

or worse book then cancel at the last minute!

Can you relate? In 2009 when I decided to try again I knew EXACTLY how I was going to sell my services and I created a style of High-ticket Selling that didnt feel like “selling” at all.

Never would I run out of time, clients or money again. And this is what I want for you too! A lucrative high-end business where you can confidently charge thousands per client!

Fast forward to today..and I have a thriving business helping coaches, consultants, therapists and service- based business owners to create, market and sell premium packages and high-end programmes so they can make the money they desire to live a life they love!

Now it’s your turn!

My total revenue from working with Julia 1:1 and attending Business on the Beach Retreat  is £147,750 with an additional £93,267 predicted in 2019.

Joanne Bell

MD Bells Accountants

Julia helped me come up with some simple adjustments that wound increase my annual turnover by approximately £105,000!

Even as a serial entrepreneur I had reached a bit of a brick wall with a new business venture I was working on in terms of how to package, price and market my product offering. I also felt that for one of my existing businesses the pricing structure was too complicated and needed revision.

When I saw Julia speak at a local business networking event I had no doubt that I needed her help and wanted to work with her to move my businesses forward. I had no hesitation about approaching her and asking her for a VIP day as I knew that the investment would be well worth it. When I arrived at the beautiful venue Julia had booked for our session.

I was really looking forward to spending the day with such an inspiring lady and at the same time working on my business rather than in it. Within an hour or so we had come up with some simple adjustments to the pricing structure of my current business that would  increase my annual turnover by approximately £105,000!  We then went through my new business venture and came up with a plan of action for that also. I came away feeling empowered and absolutely certain what my next steps were going to be. I went away and implemented all the plans we made and it has made an immediate difference. I would hugely recommend a VIP day to all business owners. I learnt so much about valuing myself but also about how to give the customers what they want which is exactly what we are all trying to achieve! Julia is a fantastic coach, an incredible business woman and fabulous company. Highly recommended.

UPDATE: My total revenue from working with Julia 1:1 and attending Business on the Beach Retreat  is £147,750 with an additional £93,267 predicted.

I made £20,000 from ONE speaking gig landed a 5- figure contract within 90 Days!

I landed my first big corporate contract in 90 days!

After running successful Asian Bridal Wear business, I was starting out my Coaching practice and was struggling with how to package up my services to a high end market. I knew I didn’t want to start with the conventional coaching model of trading time for money. Julia took all aspects of who I am as a person (Personality, experience, motivations) and turned it into one of my first Signature VIP programmes.

The biggest insight was being able to learn how to do that, and know that I could keep doing this over and over again as and when I wanted to develop new offerings to my clients. Her model is so easy to follow and most of all, I learnt that you don’t need to a Guru in order to offer TRUE VALUE to your clients! You just need a good structure! I feel far more confident in my offering now. I can sell it so easily to potential clients.

I landed my first big corporate contract in 90 Days, and the best part is I don’t need to get bogged down in the number of how many sales I need to make in order to achieve my monthly targets.

Nimisha Brahmbhatt

Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs

It happens naturally! 100% – It’s really simple. Why try and do something yourself when you can get an expert to work through it with you. This means you hit the ground running faster to achieve the targets that you need to. It is THAT SIMPLE! Best of all Julia is a no-nonsense straight talking coach. So if that’s the sort of person you are then Julia is the person you want to work with her!

I had my biggest ever months within just 6 weeks…

Faye Hurley

Love and Money Coach for Women

I gained more followers and more high quality leads!

I decided to work with Julia because I needed to gain clarity about packaging and marketing my high end offering. Before I worked with her, my message was all muddled, and I’d been targeting the wrong people.

Now I’m clear on my message, my ideal client and as a result my marketing is much clearer too! As soon as all of the above pieces fell into place, and I made the necessary changes, I started to reap the benefits – I gained more followers and more high quality leads, not to mention, the increase in my self – confidence and excitement about my business.

Julia is fabulous! She is no-nonsense, and gets straight to the heart of what you need to do to attract clients. She can get through so much in a short period of time. But as well as being a business power-house, she is also funny, caring and warm – simply, an amazing woman.

If you’re ready to take action on Julia’s recommendations, you WILL see positive changes in your business, and you WILL attract the right clients. THANK YOU SO MUCH JULIA! Xxxxx

More than clarity and the package you create, working with Julia provided guidance and support to believe in myself and to create my dream!

If I knew then what I know now, I’d have created my Premium Package ages ago!

if I knew then what I know now, I’d have created my premium package ages ago! But I believe there’s a right time and place for everything, for me this is the right time.

More than clarity and the package you create, working with Julia provided guidance and support to believe in myself and to create my dream! To realise my worth!

If you’re in business and are serious about making money and selling your services …Go for it! Put the effort in, and go all out and do it.

Sadhna Charma

Homeopath – Rebalancing Life

We start NOW

Just because this is a 3 month course does not mean that we’ll be waiting until the end of that 3 months to hit those income goals.

The clock is ticking from the moment we start and you could have recovered your initial investment within the first 30 Days.

But it all hinges on how much you’re prepared to put into this.

Are you ready to get to work?

Julia gave me the practical tools to turn my ideas into a business that
actually makes money!

Julia’s wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable! She really “got” my business concept, what I’m trying to do and where I’m at and advised accordingly. Julia gave me the practical tools to my ideas into a business that actually makes money.

There is no guesswork with her. You know exactly what to put on your website, how to market your business, what to say when prospective clients call. Julia delivers on her promises is quite straightforward and easy to get on with but also cracks the whip when needed! (which suited me just fine!) .Thank you for giving so freely of yourself and your time to me, Julia I’m eternally grateful.

Cynthia Adipue

Wedding & Event Planner- Kimberly Rose Designs

Before you go… 

If you’ve made it to this point, then you’re ready for something different, something more.

I have a feeling you know in your gut this is for you. And I get that.  Because entrepreneurs like us get where we are by trusting our instincts (even when folks around us don’t understand)  

You’re a walking, talking, example that determination, dreams and just the right amount of crazy faith are the perfect recipe for success.

In your mind’s eye, you are already on the other side.

• Enjoying the progress of the last 3 months.

• Savouring the new level of financial success, freedom & lifestyle that you always knew was possible

That other side starts here.

You ready?

Click below to book a call and see if this is right for you

Legal Disclaimer:
Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Facts and figures on this website are believed to be accurate, but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.