Having and KEEPING more money is an inside job.

You can sell all the right things.

Use all the right funnels

Optimise your content until the cows come home

Unless you feel as if you DESERVE more money you ain’t making diddly squat.

If this is the year you’re going to change that then here are my 3 favourite prosperity practices to get you started.

1 – Pay Cash as much as possible.

With all the apps and cards who carries cash right? As convenient as these are, apps and cards create an emotional disconnect between you and your money. Withdraw some notes and keep them close.

2- Treat Money like your favourite person.

Hang with me on this one. You know that best friend who you love to talk to. She understands you like a sister. When you get together you can talk all day and all night. THAT’S how you’re supposed to treat money. With love and care an attention.

3 – Wait 24 hours before you spend any new money that you receive

I know a lot of the gurus talk about flow and keeping money in circulation yet using the previous tip of treating money like a friend if your best friend showed up right now would you send them away?

No, you wouldn’t. It’s the same with money, hold on to for 24 hours. Enjoy having it. Enjoy knowing it’s there and happy hanging out with you in your bank account, just chilling in no rush to go anywhere.

As you cultivate good feelings of having money in your life you’ll create space to make more and keep more money.

Speak soon


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