Think beyond the Sale

black friday saleI logged on to Facebook this morning to post my Black Friday offer and was surprised to see all these “anti Black Friday” posts from my fellow UK entrepreneurs.

In summary any participation in Black Friday Sales means you are greedy, materialistic, pretending to be American and too cheap to pay full price. Hmm maybe I should keep my special offer to myself…and I did for about 5 minutes.

But then I thought, what the hell” because truthfully Black Friday is about more than the Sale.

Don’t get me wrong, I want people to buy my offer- HINT, I have a “sales target” albeit a loose one in my head.

For a minute think beyond the sale…

Think that #blackfriday is probably all over twitter right now

Think that A LOT of people are on social media today

Think that you can use Black Friday to get your business seen- by the right people (if any of Sir Branson’s peeps are reading this…)

Think that even though people don’t buy they might request your “irresistible free offer” and become part of your community (a.k.a. join your list)

Think that somebody who has been looking for way to experience your special kind of magic, now has a chance to do just that.

Cos really THAT is what our kind of business is REALLY about. Using what we have to Serve people.

And today I’m using #BlackFriday to do just that!


P.S….from 9:00 am today until 9:00 am UK time on Monday I’m offering the recordings from my Priced to Sell Home Study course for a special price of $99. The course shows you step by step how to Package, price and position your services so you creates offers that clients will buy.

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