Last week I posted this in a group…


“How do you feel about the “6-figure” message used in marketing by some coaches ?

Are you fed up of hearing it?
Is it starting to wear thin?
Do you think “another one on the band-wagon”?

If you DID want to hit that 6 figure/100K target what marketing message would get your attention?”





Here’s what people had to say:

I hate it. It’s overused, and I often wonder if the person is even telling the truth. Plus, honestly, I know so many women who do their business for reasons other than income, so it’s a message that misses the mark for me.


I don’t mind it at all, as long as the coach is a genuine 6 figure coach. I want to earn six figures+ in my business because I have a big mission for that money. So, for me, if I knew a coach was genuinely earning that herself, I’d want to learn from her. If she kept quiet about it, it’s almost a disservice to those who’d want to learn from her. That’s my opinion anyhoo


I think it’s over used but at the same time I go with the “You will know them by their fruit” way of thinking. If their life shows it and they have the clients to back it up then cool!!! I need testimonials from people who say “SHE HELPED ME MAKE 6-FIGURES” then I’m like ok then LOL


And so on it went


Here’s the thing the 6-figure message IS becoming so prevalent that people are becoming immune to it BUUUUT it still works!

Here’s why (and here’s why you should use the premise in your own marketing)

6 figures or 100, 000 pounds/dollars/euros/yen is a SPECIFIC  result that speaks directly to a DESIRE.

People can:

  • Visualise it
  • Dream about it
  • Know or at least THINK they know how their life is going to change when they get there.


And that’s the main thing when it comes to getting premium clients.

You have to be able to clearly say what you can do for them in a way that makes sense them!

So if you’re struggling to get clients who can buy your premium services, ask yourself these 3 questions

  1. Is my marketing message clear enough?
  2. Can I clearly articulate my result?
  3. Do prospective clients know EXACTLY what I can do for them?


If the answer to any of those is “No” check out my Fix it Fast Sessions.

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