You’ve heard it so many times it’s ridiculous… “the money is in the the list”.

Seriously though, on average (and depending on what you’re selling)  the average  email list generates between £0.50 and £1.00 per person per month when its list of members are active and happy. And some generate much more money per subscriber than that.

This means that even a small list of 1,000- 5,000 subscribers can turn into a substantial passive income or create a windfall. And when your list is happy, they refer you to others, and your list grows automatically. girl-confusedSweet!


But what if your list doesn’t respond let alone BUY?


You know what I mean..no matter what you say or send it feels like nobody is buying squat…


Here are 5 Ways to Revive an Unresponsive email list

1- Ask them to come back

Remember in the ’90s when the group “TLC” sang  “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”… sometimes a straightforward and honest request is all it takes to get your email subscribers alive and participating. Make sure to accompany the request with some juicy information that you know your reader is going to LOVE!


 2- Stop selling all the time

I know, you have a business to run..But when you are simply offering some new product or service in … every … single … email … the appearance of your name in your prospect’s inbox almost guarantees that they’ll hit the delete button.  Offer value in 2 out of every 3, or 3 out of 4 emails. Just make sure you are giving away incredibly useful, relevant and actionable information! 


 3- Survey, survey then survey some more

Everyone appreciates when you ask their opinion. So why not do exactly that? Run a SHORT survey that will only take a couple of minutes of time. A lot of business owners use surveys ineffectively. After your reader has taken time out of their busy schedule to complete your survey, reward them with a valuable free download, webinar or video.


   ***Side note…remember last weeks’ Case Study video..yup, you guessed…direct result of my recent survey… You’re welcome 🙂

4-Include a call to action in every email

Remember earlier when we said you should never be selling in every email to your list? That is definitely true, but that does not mean you shouldn’t include a call to action. After revealing some powerful free information that is targeted specifically to your list, tell your subscriber just what to do. “For more information on this topic, click here.” That is a great way to build engagement, and create traffic back to your website or blog.


 5- Stop writing and start speaking

In other words…write how you talk.

Engagement happens when people speak to one another. And if you’re following every rule of grammar when you write emails, you are not communicating like normal people do. Use incomplete sentences. Include the odd #randomhashtag, and just talk like you would to your friends. 

The thing is long-term email subscriber interaction and engagement is no different than your own personal relationships. You need to work at it.

Segment your list, send appropriate emails to each group, and consistently deliver great content and you’ll see engagement and sales go up in no time!

Speak soon,


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