10 Days ago I signed up for a 30 Day Blogging challenge.

That’s right 30 blog posts for 30 days. As you may have noticed before this I didnt blog very often.


Most of my “posting” happens in my Facebook group The Premium Club so my blog was an unloved and underutilised space.


Now I’m 10 Days in and here’s what I’ve learned so far

1- I like writing! This one surprised me because speaking is my main form of marketing I didnt expect to like writing so much!

2- Coming up with stuff to blog about wasnt as hard as I thought. Turns out I actually am a “Know it all”. Well enough to generate good useful content

3- People like reading what I write! Between the private messages and the comments on the blog turns the feedback has been good! (keep it coming)

4- If you do anything often enough it soon becomes a habit. Ok so I always knew this one but I thought it applied to things like exercise and eating salad. Turns out it applies to blogging too!

5- Blogging is a fantastic tool to grow your community (Yes Sarah Arrow you are right)

6- Now that it’s becoming 2nd nature I best keep going!


That’s it! I’ll be continuing to post a blog a day for the next 20 Days and will update you at the end!

Wish me luck!

Speak soon,


P.S if you want to join the 30 Day Blogging Challenge click here.

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