Money Mindset Course 

30 Days of Money, Mindset and Miracles 

“…Money is the root of all evil...” “…it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God…” “…The poor walks in integrity and the rich perverts his way….”  

Just a few of the mis-quoted, mis-used scripture you’ve grown up hearing in church.  

No wonder when it comes to up-levelling in your business you’re stuck.  

Stuck under-earning Stuck under-charging Stuck doing “OK” yet YEARNING to do much better- financially.  

This is for you if you're doing ok, steady-ish stream of Clients, bills getting paid but you're stuck at a certain level of income each month.  

No matter what you do you just can't break through and make more money.  

You know it's spiritual and you know you need spiritual and practical business support to shift.  

That’s what the Moneyfestation Money Mindset Program is about... Consistent action to Clear your money blocks and Re-program your brain and your bank account to receive and KEEP more money.  

Approx $127 USD. All sales of digital products are final

If you met me now you'd see a confident, affluent woman living her dream life. But it wasnt always that way... 

As an immigrant to the UK my "money story" was one of surviving and sometimes barely so. Even after I'd landed my dream job the "survivor" was still running the show.

Too much month and not enough money.

It wasnt until I took action and searched the scriptures and every single Law of Attraction book I could get my hand on that my relationship with money transformed.  

I went from believing money was something to be earned by hard exhausting work to KNOWING that I could easily manifest and receive more than I need.

Here's what I know to be true..  


The Perfect package The Correct pricing The Right Lead Generation Strategy The Sales structure that works  

You have to believe you deserve the money.  

Over the years I've seen this trip up so many entrepreneurs.  

The Fear..."I can’t invest again because I didn’t make the money back from last time"  

The Guilt... "I've made money in the past then lost it, maybe I'm not meant to have plenty of money"  

The Worry..."Can I really charge that much, what will people think?"  

The Settling... "I'm doing OK, I don’t really need to earn more"  

ALL of it, is linked to your inner relationship with money.  

And that is why I’m offering this course NOW. To support you to heal your relationship with money once and for all.  

How the Moneyfestation Program Works  

Each day for 30 days you’ll receive an email with a 3- minute task for that day The tasks will walk you through how to transform your relationship with Money.

  • How you receive it 
  • How to receive more
  • How money flows into and out of your life
  • How you treat money when you have it
  • How you feel when you don’t
  • The words that you use to talk about your financial situation  

A DISCLAIMER (well 3 )  

Although money miracles will occur, This is not an arcade game where you put money in and get a prize in return. 

The exercises will be a mixture of practical, and spiritual (some from the Bible and some from other Law of Attraction texts and practices that I have found to be beneficial)

There will be references to God, prayer & energy work. If you find any of that offensive then this is not for you.

We good?!

At the end of the program you will have 

  • A process to use anytime those negative money beliefs come up
  • Personal Affirmations that Work! 
  • Confidence to ask for the money you want in your business or job.
  • A renewed sense of financial worthiness  

Get The Moneyfestation Program and Transform your relationship with money so you can keep more of the money you make